The black leather jacket: et footwear


The Black leather jacket  is a must-have for any and every female that breathes literally lol.I'm sure you are like hell no it ain't so important..but trust me it is. I'm not here to stuff it right in but I'll like you to be open minded while I give you some reasons I feel it's necessary.
First of all its seasonal that's what makes it a must-have! trends come and go but this just slides back in at just the right season. It's a soo stylish making it easily rocked in different ways and still look fresh and different. Y'all would be wondering how to go about wearing it but hey your girl's here to attend to those needs. Below are ways to keep people staring at you when you come around 😉.

Casual in sneakers


Kimberly kardashian West has got me falling in love with this combination all over and over again. Throw on a nice sneaker for a casual hangout or those shopping days with a black leather jacket and feel comfortable yet chic. I love!!

Hey stilettos

This is a more formal way to slay this fashion piece. It's chic and spells sophistication. Any form of stilettos will be suitable but you have to know how and when to pull it off. Work days,formal meetings and everything formal except ofcourse a cocktail party or ball this is definitely a right outfit idea. Yass!

 Sexy on thigh-high boots

And here it is! All hail the sexiest of all sexy!. Lovers this right here is it. It screams sophistication in all forms but you wanna be careful though it's strictly evening business especially in the this part of the continent. The combination is glam but has to be pulled off right to avoid looking trashy.

Leather and slides

This is one combination you can pull off at any time of the day. Put on your pants et camisole and get your feet on a nice slide head straight out the door looking super chic and simple. Oh yeah!

There you have it. View other pictures below for more inspiration. Lots of love.

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